Companionship and Recreation


Considerate, private, respectful personal aged
care and assistance.

We know how devastating the loss of a loved one, a partner can be. As we get older, these are bound to happen and should not become an additional stress to our lives. An essential factor in staying happy and healthy as we get older is regular social interaction with other adults. People who live alone often experience feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression, which may have a severe impact on their health. Having regular social contact with a friendly home companion can dramatically improve the quality of life of an elderly person.

Our Companion Carers

We will give you the Home Companion that you want, someone that can relate with you and make you feel welcome all the time. Our carers come with vigorous background checks, including clear police reports, so you should have no worries as to your safety in their hands. If you already have a Carer or know someone who you would like to be your Carer, you can have them as well.

Where do I receive personal care services?

In most cases, you will receive these services in your own home.

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